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Grafenwoehr military training area – yesterday-today (D+EN)
In his book, the author Gerald Morgenstern explains the history of the Grafenwoehr military training area from 1908 to the present day. With many pictures and detailed texts, he covers every area of the training area.


Culture and Military Museum: English Museum Guide – military section (EN)
Catalog of the military section. About the history of the Grafenwoehr Training Area illustrated with many pictures.

Heimatverein Grafenwöhr: illustrated book military training area Grafenwöhr (D+EN)
The bilingual book describes the history of the Grafenwoehr military training area with the help of historical photos from the former villages to the construction of the camp, the everyday life of the soldiers, the two wars, the arrival of the Americans and the training operation until 1990.

Hans-Jürgen Kugler: Pappenberg
Hundreds of families had to leave their homes for the expansion of the Grafenwoehr military training area. 1937 was the fateful year for the communities of Pappenberg, Höhenberg and Leuzenhof. This book tells about the families who lived there. In more than 800 photos they and their houses are depicted and the family stories about them are described.
Culture and Military Museum Grafenwöhr: “Elvis lives” 2008
Accompanying booklet to the special exhibition 2008 on the traces of Elvis Presley in the Upper Palatinate in Grafenwoehr, Weiden, Hirschau, and many more.

Cup “Elvis Presley in Grafenwöhr”

City of Grafenwoehr: Chronicle (2011)
New research results on the history of the city. Beginning with archaeological observations about the development in the Middle Ages to the 19th and 20th century, the richly illustrated chronicle gives a comprehensive overview of historical facts, the everyday life of the people of Grafenwöhr, institutions, personalities and all sorts of anecdotes from the life of the town.
Hermann Schenkl/ Josef Richter: Chronicle of the town of Grafenwoehr 1961
Chronicle of the town of Grafenwoehr by two Grafenwoehr historians. With drawings by Ludwig Schoppelrey.

Msg. Karl Wohlgut: Grafenwoehr through the ages
Wohlgut entertainingly tells anecdotes from Grafenwöhr’s town life. Partly self-experienced, partly precisely researched in archives, he revives people and associations of the city in the first half of the 20th century.

Msg. Karl Wohlgut: Homeland Grafenwoehr
In this book Wohlgut tells stories about his hometown Grafenwöhr. Through countless conversations and research, this comprehensive work has become a successful family and local history book.

Msg. Karl Wohlgut: In a gown with extinguisher horn and stole
Cheerful and contemplative stories around the church tower with a look at spiritual dignitaries, sacristan, altar boys and women persons.

Elfriede Krapf: Unforgotten Homeland Haag
In many episodes and anecdotes, the author describes from oral narratives the daily life of people, farmers, priests, bathers and many other inhabitants of the once flourishing village of Haag in today’s military training area Grafenwöhr. Special attention is paid to the North Gau and the Besold clan.

Anna Mock: Mundartverse
Poems of the Grafenwöhr teacher, who processed various social occasions in politics, church, school, museum in Grafenwöhr in bavarian dialect verses.

Leonore Böhm: 250 Years of the Mariahilf Church on Annaberg
About the history of the former pilgrimage church, the Annafest and the Annaverehrung.

Leonore Böhm: Saint Sebastian town patron of Grafenwoehr
About the history of the local saint Saint Sebastian, religious art and ecclesiastical and secular customs.

Leonore Böhm: The Lord Carver Sebastian Neuhauser
About the life of the carver, whose crucifixes are still in many households in Grafenwoehr.

Grafenwöhr Cultural and Military Museum: Earth History “Journey through Time between the Franconian Alps and Bohemia
On the geology of northeastern Bavaria, Grafenwoehr and nature and environmental protection at the military training area.

AFO: Field and small monument research in the Upper Palatinate 2011
Among other things, to wayside shrines, field crosses, chapels, memorial stones and many other monuments in the military training area Grafenwoehr and in the entire Upper Palatinate.

Günter Rambach: The 50s in Amberg and the Upper Palatinate
The author describes politics, the military, “coming to terms with the past” and everyday life in Amberg and the Upper Palatinate. One focus relates to the history of the Upper Palatinate metallurgical industry.

Richard Reger: Come home safe
Stories and individual fates of Upper Palatines in the Second World War at home and abroad linked with the history of the village of Böhmischbruck and about the extinction of a trade as important for the region as glass processing.

Richard Reger: Come home well (Volume 2)
Memories of Hitler’s seizure of power against the backdrop of the Upper Palatinate town of Vohenstrauß with its agrarian citizens and small craftsmen.


Culture and Military Museum: GI Elvis Presley in Grafenwöhr DVD 
The whole story of the soldier during his maneuver stays in Grafenwoehr is illustrated in many pictures, eyewitness accounts and original locations. The three films “Soldier Elvis in the Upper Palatinate”, “Encounters” and “Sensation in the Micky Bar” were produced on the occasion of the special exhibition “Elvis – 60 Years in the Upper Palatinate” 2018.

The Grafenwoehr – Hohenfels – Wildlecken military training areas
The Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels and Wildflecken training areas are NATO’s largest military training sites in Europe. The Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels and Wildflecken training areas are NATO’s largest military training sites in Europe.

City of Grafenwoehr: 650 years city of Grafenwoehr 2011
DVD with anniversary film, preparations, slide show and digital bonus material in addition to the city chronicle.

The forgotten land – Grafenwoehr military training area DVD by Peter Ponnath
This film from 1992 is still relevant today and shows an insight into the operation and structure of the Grafenwoehr military training area. How do people live there? What are the natural conditions like? What does everyday military life look like? What is left of the former villages? An impressive portrait of the restricted military area.

Elisabeth and Dr. Ludwig K. Walter: Pappenberg DVD
Digital chronicle about the resettled place “Pappenberg”.

Elisabeth and Dr. Ludwig K. Walter: Hague Chronicles DVD
Comprising 4 chronicles of the departed village “Haag”.

Paul Huber: Haag as it was
Original film recordings by teacher Paul Huber of the last days in Haag and of the farewell of the inhabitants at the resettlement in 1938.
Heimatverein Grafenwöhr: Cemetery Haag
Restoration of the cemetery in Haag at the beginning of the 90s by the Bundeswehr and the Heimatverein Grafenwöhr e.V.