History of the town and the military training area Grafenwoehr

The new permanent exhibition is presented in four rooms.

Town foundation until 1900
In 1361 Grafenwoehr is elevated to the status of a town. The village gets a town wall, a town hall and its own parish. Agriculture and forestry as well as small crafts form the basis of life. Through the centuries, wars and armies pass over Grafenwoehr.

1900 -1933
From 1908, with the start of construction of the military training area, Grafenwoehr awakens from its existence as a small town. Agriculture, handicraft and trade take a considerable upswing. Economically, residents are doing better. The population doubles within a year.

1933 -1945
Interrupted during the Weimar Republic, this development continued during the Nazi era. The Nazi regime is gearing up for war. Therefore, the military training area is considerably expanded in the years 1936-1938 and Grafenwoehr continues to grow.

1945 – today
After the collapse of the Nazi dictatorship and the end of the Second World War, the Americans come to the military training area and the town. German-American coexistence emerges: Adversaries become allies and occupiers become friends.

Elvis Presley in the Upper Palatinate

A special GI made history in Grafenwoehr: Elvis Presley. During his maneuver stay, he gives a small private concert on the grand piano in the Micky Bar, despite being banned from performing. The only known in Europe. The original grand piano including a stool is now exhibited in the Museum of Culture and Military. Furthermore, there are films with eyewitness accounts of his stays in Grafenwoehr as well as a showcase with a letter from Elvis to a reporter in Hirschau, autographs and photos.