Exhibition on Agrarian Citizen – Handicraft and Agriculture

This exhibition was designed as a walk-in show storage. Since the character of this is a storage room, the labeling is limited to the essentials. Nevertheless, the room was clearly divided into the individual crafts.

A large part of the Upper Palatinate town and market inhabitants used to be agrarian citizens. Grafenwoehr was also a typical farming town. The people practiced a craft and as a sideline they were engaged in agriculture, because the families could not support themselves solely by the income through the craft activity.

In the walk-in storage of the Cultural and Military Museum, you can immerse yourself in the world of early agriculture and the crafts of old. Many exhibits that have long since fallen into disuse can be viewed there.

Exhibited, in addition to agriculture, are the trades of linen weaver, tailor, bricklayer, carpenter, beadle, wainwright, blacksmith, shoemaker, butcher and the brewer.